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SequenceDiagram 方便看时序图。

Project & Moduel

一个项目可以分为多个模块,相关设置存储在.idea目录和.iml文件中。比如用IDEA Rebuild时进行的一些Mark/Unmark操作。

Recompile & Build & Rebuild

You can compile a single file, use the incremental build for a module or a project, and rebuild a project from scratch



Delegate build and run actions to Maven


一般运行JUnit单元测试都需要一个Test Runner来运行@test注解的测试方法,不过可以用IDEA自带的Runner进行测试(Maven的叫Surefire,并且即使IDEA勾选了将编译按钮分配给Maven也不会使用):

Right-click a test class in the Project tool window or open it in the editor, and right-click the background. From the context menu, select Run or Debug.... For a test method, open the class in the editor and right click anywhere in the method. The context menu suggests the command Run / Debug .